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Movies – and why they just might educate more than college…

Frankly – I never hated college. I mean if you define it as ‘an institution’ or a place of ‘education’ I think it pretty much fits the title. But then again, if you spend that much time interacting with people anywhere else as well, you would be educated as well.

Bringing us to – EDUCATION. “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction”. That’s what Oxford defines it as. Now I’m no expert in linguistics or deciphering languages, but I do seem to have a slight issue with the word “systematic”. In a world of utter chaos, systems exist only in perception. A man might see design in what another might refer to as abstract, and yet the same man might be deluded into thinking that the flow of water is random. Breaking over rocks, shattering into a million droplets, each held by a force so tiny, that it might not be known, and yet – there stands a section of people who will see design and order in it. A System.

What then does “Systematic Education” mean. Cannot a man learn and be ‘educated’ without comprehensible ‘system’? Can’t a person grow in thought by ploughing a field. Must a person only be seated in front of a board in a classroom?

I pondered over this for many years, time and again, all the while completing pending journals and getting promoted to the next grade, year after year. All the while searching for what it meant to be truly ‘educated’.

Many a beautiful thing did I grasp, and many a silent brilliance went by unnoticed. And then it hit me, a surge destroying pre-notions. And I gave it a shot, my new-found discovery. And I knew it to be true. It had to be. It had been there under my nose all this while, a lighthouse, a guide, a book. And I realised –



We rely on them blindly, ignoring experience and emotion. Putting all in the hands of the ‘experts’ who define language. Who defined the word ‘Education’? Who defined the word ¬†‘system’? And brilliance came crashing through, a weight so heavy that it never stops crushing you. You begin to realise that there are hundreds and thousands of people who have been around you all their life, who are actually brilliant. There are entire genres of art and expression, of science and logic that have existed and enticed and troubled millions all over the world, and all we did was walk by on our way to fortune and fame.

And among the many things I realised I had overlooked – The World of Cinema stood at par with the best. A world where a man could use every available form of media to put forth an idea, a dream, a concept. A form of expression that only a few dared attempt to master. There are those that seek only to entertain, those that seek only to sell and those that care not about either. It evolved from theatre, an ancient art form that has survived empires, to arrive at a stage where every home can access brilliance owing to the internet. It has evolved from a niche entertainment available only to a few, to an education that can fit in our pocket. Entire books could now be realised, and imagined fantasies now witnessed in striking detail. Welcome…Welcome to ‘The world of Cinema’…

And one may ask why might, and only MIGHT, a movie educate more than college? Because like the dream of education that was once ‘A College’, The World Cinema is prone to corruption as well.