Life's like this - Don't you think?When I first started writing movie reviews, I never expected people to actually bother reading them, since often they were concerning foreign language films and the type of cinema most people are unaware about. Being an Indian only made matters worse, since most people prefer watching Bollywood films here, majority of which seek more to entertain than to educate.

I did it however, purely to raise awareness about the vast amount of brilliance that was evading public view and slithering past the publicised media. Yes, Academy Award-winning movies were certainly brilliant as well, but a lot of films I unearthed came from lists posted by cinema lovers on blogs and websites that were not too popular. After realising that most of these films had at least one idea that was genuinely unique in its inception or portrayal, I thought it my duty to make others aware of them as well. The world needed ideas, and I could not let a whole bunch of them gather dust.

What started as a hobby soon became a compulsive act, and when people I barely knew came up to me and told me they actually read my reviews and loved them, I knew I had to take this further someday. They say flattery works always, and I guess I wouldn’t disagree. And thus at last, after ages of procrastination – the blog. ( I would have done like a drumroll and stuff when you reach the end but I don’t know crap about programming it into the page, so maybe later.)


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